You have energy. You have enthusiasm. Does your website show it?

Are you an entrepreneur dreaming about a new product or service to bring to market? If so, chances are your creativity is never in short supply. Does your imagination work overtime envisioning unique marketing strategies? When you feel energized, pumped and unstoppable, everyone can feel the buzz  that surrounds you. It’s contagious. The world gets ready to watch you shine…because your moment is now. And that’s when it hits you…

Does my website capture the passion I have for my business?

When faced with the task of writing great web copy, many entrepreneurs get stopped in their tracks. Finding the right words to capture their business”voice” is complex and time-consuming. It’s easy to develop writer’s block and begin procrastinating. For many, it just comes down to time. Days are quickly filled with planning, emailing, shopping, networking and family commitments. Who has time to write? For others,  they are easily turned off by the thought of sitting down to create a “sales pitch” for their business. Writing about why their products and services are so great in a way that’s persuasive, but not pushy, is a tall order. It’s difficult and uncomfortable to sell your business–and yourself.

Another challenge is organizing the content in a logical way.How do you make sure that all parts of your website flow and fit together? From product descriptions, services, company history and rates, content  has to make make sense and be engaging enough to create a “call to action.”

The writing also needs to speak to your specific buyers. Your web pages have to be compelling, informative yet friendly. You need to close business. You need to create urgency. You want your website visitors “share” and “like” your site. Are you up to the task?

However daunting the task may be, never compromise on quality web content. Your business website is a sales tool and you need to leverage your website traffic. If you’ve taken steps to create a showstopping website with graphics, widgets, e-commerce and social media integration, that’s a great starting point. Just keep in mind that content which is perceived as high-value is what truly counts. Great website content motivates readers to share and respond. The best decision you can make is to invest in quality SEO-friendly content that reads naturally, sounds professional and of course is error-free. It’s worth your investment, time and energy.

The average website gets viewed 8 seconds…how many will yours get?


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